Butterfly Flower (Pansy)

One of my favourite tunes of this fabulous season is
And the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high
~George Gershwin

It's a time to relax and enjoy life, but most of all

Summer is a time for daydreams
which is what I indulged in
the other day when I sat
listening to the aspens
tremble in the warm breeze,
smelling the scent of summer,
absorbing the season
into my soul.

My thoughts lazily
drifted with the clouds
carrying me back
to childhood summer
afternoons when I was
alone on the shady
side of the house
and would wrap myself
cocoon like in an old
threadbare blanket
given to us children for
playing our pretend games
then promptly fall asleep
on the grass until
my mother called me
in for supper.

~ April