Butterflies in the Garden

It was a beautiful day here in the interior. I spent the morning raking and doing more yard work. Afterwards I accompanied my husband when he went into the woods to bring out some logs he had been cutting. They were from two trees that had broken in a windstorm this past winter. As we were walking, two butterflies fluttered nearby. I recognized the Compton Tortoiseshell immediately (I had seen it earlier in the month), but I wasn't too sure about the other one.

Compton Tortoiseshell

This butterfly is a Mourning Cloak, and like the Compton Tortoiseshell, hibernates during the winter months. There are no flowers blooming yet, other than willow flowers, but both of these butterflies also feed on tree sap and even scat. Sometime in June, the females will lay their eggs and new adults will emerge in mid-summer.

A closer look.

The same butterfly, with wings open. I just saw the one.