Nature Notes

Friday -
We were invited to walk a fairly new trail on a neighbouring property and decided to go in search of it after lunch. I didn't take my camera because we weren't sure what we were getting ourselves in for. Walking sticks, yes, camera, no, dog, no. It was supposed to be somewhere "along the ridge". Ha, ha, ha! There was no trail that we could see - only a tangle of trees and bush. My husband went ahead and gradually worked his way a little further down the hill where he found a narrow (single file) path. I followed. Very, very nice, with a beautiful view of the lake AND a view of a Bald Eagle's nest. We could see a white head sticking up over the edge. Next time, I'll have my camera with me.

Back at home -

The hummingbirds were zipping around and dodging each other while I stood near the currant bushes. This one looked as though she (not sure which one) wanted to hide and perched on the nylon twine supporting a bush. I really couldn't move too much, so the picture isn't the greatest. Just look at her little feet gripping that twine!

I came across these blue flowers in between the kinnikinnick that grow along the fence by the road. I don't have a name for them, but they look a little like a violet. So tiny!