Wild Strawberries

It was cool and very windy again when I went for my walk this morning...

The first thing I noticed were the wild strawberries. They are very tiny fruit, and you could easily miss them, unless you were watching and waiting for them to ripen.

This is a bit of a rise on one side of the road. It is nice to see the land here recovering after it was logged several years ago. There are not many trees yet, but there are wildflowers everywhere. It just shows you how resilient nature is.

Whenever I walk along the road, I hear the sparrows. They call to one another from the tall grass or the bushes. Sometimes there will be one or two perched on the wires overhead. Today though one little bird decided to pose for me.

I am not absolutely certain, but I believe this is a Savannah Sparrow.

The Paintbrush grow in pockets here and there and are immensely eye-catching.

One last picture from the rise of land where there already seems to be a celebration going on.

Tomorrow is Canada Day!
Have a great time everyone,