Barkerville Trip Continued....

with a few more interesting plants that were in bloom along the trails and at our campsite.

Bracted Lousewort (also known as Wood Betony)
I was drawn to its colour and lovely fern like leaves.

I think this is called Black Twinberry (Shrub). Both the paired tubular
yellow flowers (shown above) and the berries have bracts at their base.

Hawkweed - termed a noxious weed by some in areas
where it is becoming more common and invasive.

Hooked Buttercup - named for the hooks on the ends of the seeds.

Street scene at Barkerville (1860s British Columbia heritage gold rush town) - A quick look through the guest book reveals that visitors from as far away as the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, England and Nova Scotia (Canada) arrive here every year. Many of the miners were from Scotland, England, Ireland, China, Germany, Wales, the United States and eastern Canada.