Wildflowers Around Barkerville

These are some of my photos from a recent camping trip to Barkerville (an historic B.C. gold rush town of the 1860s). Elevation: 1290 metres (4200 feet). Located 88 km (55 miles) east of Quesnel, B.C. on Highway 26. The elevation at Quesnel is 474 metres (1555 feet).

Five-leaved Bramble (Dwarf Shrub)

Showy Pussy-toes (Sunflower family)

Marsh Valerian - numerous small white flowers with protruding styles and stamens.

Thimbleberry (Shrub) - the petals have been described as resembling "crinkled tissue paper".

Sitka Burnet (Rose family) - the European species of this flower is red-brown in colour, hence the name "burnet" or "brunette".

Bunchberry (Dwarf Dogwood) - very conspicuous and widespread along the edges of the trails.

White Bog-Orchid (also known as "scent-candle") - found at low to high elevations.