Sometimes you go to the river, and there's not a single bird in sight. On a cold, windy and gray day last week though I saw a few birds searching for food.


Our friend, the ever-entertaining Crow, was very interested in what was in the water, so much so that he was willing to get his feet and beak quite wet.

In the same vicinity, a Ring-billed Gull idly took a stroll, no doubt looking for a morsel somewhere.

Also nearby, an oh so busy Merganser cruised back and forth in this narrow strip of water by the shore and frequently dipped below the surface.

Later, as I walked on the nature trail, I spied through some branches six Mallard Ducks in the middle of the river.

Does it looks as if they're walking here? The river is at a low level right now, and they must have reached a gravelly ridge.