Little Bird

This morning, as I was pinching back some of the drooping flowers in my hanging planters near the garden shed, I heard a flapping noise coming from inside. Opening the door I saw a poor little bird up against the back wall trying its best to find a way out. It must have gotten in through one of the small windows; we keep the door closed so the butterflies, bees and birds won't get trapped.

Now, you wouldn't think that this is much of a story, but it does have its interesting bits and, more importantly, a happy ending. I opened the door wide, stood away and carried on with what I had been doing. At the same time I watched to see what was happening inside the shed.

Well, the little bird saw an opportunity - from the window he jumped to a pail, studied his surroundings for several minutes, flew to a bicycle rim, then looked around once more and eventually proceeded to the bicycle seat. The way to the door was clear, and out he flew. This clever little bird had worked out how to free himself from a very distressing situation.