Update on the Smoky Conditions

It is not as bad as yesterday, but the sky is hazy, and there's a slight pungent smell in the air.

Earlier the sun looked eerie in a white-gray sky.

Unlike the previous day, I can see the outline of the hills and mountain this morning.

The birds don't seem to be too bothered by the smoke. They were twittering and flitting through the bushes in their usual morning pursuit of food. The chickadees were especially vocal. I'm amazed I got even one picture, as they don't sit for very long in one spot. It's much easier to take their picture in the winter when they are at the feeders.

There were also some yellow birds together with the chickadees in the Saskatoon bushes. This is not a very good picture. They perch for barely a second or two, and then they are gone. I'm posting it in case someone can confirm if this is a warbler (Common Yellowthroat). For better viewing, please click on the image.