In the Garden

Last Monday:

It had been a hectic morning for this young bird, first observed fast asleep beside the forget-me-not flowers, seemingly abandoned. Poor thing. Fortunately, Mama Crow soon arrived to check on the situation, but left quickly, presumably to hunt up some food for her hungry baby.  In the meantime, Baby walked with slow and timid steps through the garden and onto the grass. Mama Crow returned with a worm, fed her baby and then left again. After further exploration, the youngster eventually came back to the garden and found a nice, sunny, sheltered spot amongst the shrubbery (photo below). 

Sometimes, the baby crows "fall to the earth where they spend several days on the ground in low vegetation" before they are able to fly. (source: Life History of the Crows)

Cheerful poppies loved by bees and all.

The Lilac (Syringa) is in bloom.

Today's Flowers