Full of Life

Wild Clematis and a bee
Serviceberry shrub

Our summer hare
Yesterday morning I spotted our little "rabbit" friend hopping about at the back of the house while I drank my last bit of tea.  He was gone before I could get my camera, but I soon had another chance when I saw him again out by the road.  He is really very cute.  
The junco has what appears to be a large ant in his beak.  These particular ants show up every year at this time.  They are here for a day or two and then, like magic, they're gone.  I had no idea that the juncos found them so tasty.
Dark-eyed Junco
The swallowtails have also recently arrived.  As soon as the lilacs burst into bloom they will be all over them.  So far, I've seen two of these colourful butterflies flying in and out of the garden.  This one landed on the rhubarb plant.

Swallowtail Butterfly