On the Wild Side

Male Northern Flicker
One of the bird species living here year round.  This handsome fellow came into the garden area one evening to search for grubs or ants in the soil. 
Cottonwood Seed Fluff
There is a large cottonwood tree growing just a short walk from the house, and this past week it released its seed fluff into the air.  Some of it settled on the ground directly below the tree making it seem as if it had snowed. This is a beautiful deciduous tree of the genus: populus that is native to this region of the province, and it can usually be found growing near lakes and rivers. 

Saskatoon berries developing


Wild Rabbit
We see the wild rabbit every second day or so when he comes out of the forest to have a meal of clover.  I'm happy to say that he hasn't tried the lettuce yet.  He is very cautious, preferring to remain near the trees where he can easily dash to safety.