asters, cosmos, snapdragons, roses
It is a little cooler here today by several degrees which makes conditions more bearable than the past three days when temperatures soared.  I didn't do anything in the garden during this time, except water the plants.

We also had a refreshing rain shower last night.  This morning I was pleased to see that one of the cosmos plants had flowered. They have become quite bushy and lush since I set them out two months ago, and I'm hoping for many blooms.

We had one incident with one or two deer getting into the garden at night. Their hooves made holes in some of the beds, but fortunately they didn't trample any plants, and they also didn't nibble on anything.  Although a fence encircles the garden, there are a couple of gaps where it would be possible for a deer to jump over.  So, now we are trying to remedy this, and we'll see what happens. 

The zucchini are already producing fruit.

Tomato seedlings are growing in the same bed as the zucchini, courtesy of the compost I added to the soil in the spring.

This photo was taken early this morning when three deer came up from the hillside into the yard.  I think maybe the addition of the tall sticks in one particular corner of the garden may have done the trick to keep them out of my vegetable patch.